It’s almost that time of year again!

Full season tickets for the 2024-2025 season will go on sale Thursday, February 1. Half season tickets will go on sale Friday, March 1. The renewal and purchase process occurs exclusively through the Dawgs front office. We are happy to help both new and returning season ticket holders during office hours or any home game at our Guest Services counter located by Gate 8.

Helpful Information:

  • Pricing will remain the same for 2024-2025 season tickets, parking passes, and Club 611 passes
  • We currently have a waitlist for ice level seating and parking passes (unless you had parking in 2023-2024)
  • Renewal forms and instructions will be provided on our website on February 1
  • Fans may opt to authorize 2023-2024 Playoff Package purchases at time of purchase or renewal
  • Full season ticket holders now have three options: (1) Ticket Booklet, (2) Digital), and (3) Lanyard. Download this document to read more about each option (Page 5.)
  • Corporate sponsor season tickets are renewed by a separate process; please contact your account representative for more information.

If You’re Paying in Full:

  • You may receive a 5% discount off your ticket amount when paid in full during the month of February. You must pay with cash or check in one payment before February 29 to receive this discount. Checks should be made out to Breakaway Sports and Entertainment, LLC.
  • $100 of your payment will be deemed a non-refundable deposit should you need a refund in the future.

If You’re Setting Up a Payment Plan:

  • You must put a minimum of $100 down to reserve your seats and parking pass (if you had one). This is a non-refundable deposit.
  • You must put a card on file to set up automatic withdrawals.
  • Payments are deducted on the 15th of each month unless otherwise requested.

Overview of Important Dates:

  • February 1 – Full Season Tickets Go On Sale
  • March 1 – Half Season Tickets Go On Sale
  • May 24 – Deposit must be received to save your seats and parking pass
  • June 3 – All non-renewed seats become available to the public
  • October 15 – All balances must be paid in full
  • A complete list of dates can be found on Page 10 of this document

Important Links:

Ticketing Representatives:

  • Andrew King, Ticket Sales Manager, Andrew@railyarddawgs.com
  • Cyrus Pace, Account Executive, Cyrus@railyarddawgs.com
  • Hans Roshkosh, Account Executive, Hans@railyarddawgs.com
  • Warren Payne, Account Executive, Warren@railyarddawgs.com

*Subject to Change*